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Writer, Registered Nurse, Instructional Designer, UX Design Student | Sharing my research, thoughts and musings one post at a time.
All the training I’ve received over the past 17 years, brought me here.

‘Hello? How can I help you today?’ I said, in my routine ‘nurse-over-the-phone’ voice.

‘Help me! My baby is blue on the mouth and on his hands and his feet! He vomited and he stopped breathing! My dad is driving us to the hospital. Help us!’

I paused for a few seconds. Totally in shock with what I was hearing.

‘F — –!’ I screamed inside, ‘This is not a joke! Everyone is screaming on the other end of the phone. What do I do? Get them to pull over first or start treating the lifeless baby?’

I regrouped.


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‘I recommend you give the feedback to Louise by taking on a mindset of curiosity. Ask her what she thought about the session and then ‘plant the seed’ that she needs to be more collaborative in our team.’

I looked back at my boss and nodded with some reserve. This approach has never worked for me in the feedback setting. If you have feedback to give, don’t mince your words with niceties, just give the feedback and collaborate with the person on strategies they can use to improve moving forward.

My boss loves the saying, ‘Plant the Seed’ and I’m…

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Emily* was an eight-year-old I regularly saw in ED. She had a chronic medical condition that will require regular medical attention for the rest of her life.

When I first met Emily, I arrived at her bedside with the numbing gel in hand. Emily took one look at it and ignored me. I attempted to explain that she was going to have a blood test when her Mum stepped in.

‘Brooke, she knows what that is for, and she says it doesn’t work. She knows what putting it on means. She won’t let you or anyone else do it.’


Image by Katja Fuhlert / Rights Purchased by Author

If you’re a sufferer of needle phobia, I do not doubt that you are likely considering not getting the vaccine to avoid your worst fear.

I also know that you’re smart enough to know that the injection is a game-changer for the world and our first chance to see our lives return to some normality again.

If you have a needle fear, then chances are, it doesn’t matter that having the vaccine could improve things for you.

The good news is, you’re not alone.

The United States reports that approximately 50 million people have Trypanophobia (the fancy term for ‘needle…

Allowing someone to speak with disrespect in my home doesn’t teach my children about boundaries and strong, healthy relationships

Photo by from Pexels

I am frustrated. I’ve been frustrated since Christmas and only today, three days later have I realised why.

I allowed two visitors to my home, family members, to speak with disrespect towards women in front of my two young daughters.

Don’t get me wrong, the day was great! It was the first time I had a Christmas day with anyone from my side of the family in over ten years; however, I neglected to set a boundary at that moment, and it has haunted me since.

You see, I do not share the same political beliefs nor the *cough* outdated…

Simple techniques to help children overcome fear


‘Brooke, she is not going to let you put that numbing cream on her because she knows what will happen next,’ her mother said with contempt in her voice.

I looked at her mother. I looked at Emily, my 9-year-old patient, and I could see the determination on her face. This child was not going to go through this again.

With curiosity, I asked her what her previous needle pokes had been like and she began to explain to me how she had five adults pin her down while she had her last IV cannula inserted.

You must have been…

Mother and Child on a happy visit with the Nurse

Sometimes medical procedures can be uncomfortable or painful for adults and children alike. It is important that pain is managed well to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible.

Poorly managed pain can have serious consequences to your child’s well being and can impact on future healthcare encounters. Hospital or clinic staff will use various methods to reduce your child’s pain and discomfort however there is a good chance that they will still feel some distress.

The good news?

You are your child’s greatest comfort and advocate and while you may feel powerless, there are a number of…

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